Banquet and Meeting Halls at The Heron Portico, Nairobi

Perfect for hosting both social events as well as business conferences, there are several halls at The Heron Portico, Nairobi. These halls are well equipped with Wi-Fi, A/C, projectors and much more. Host parties, get-togethers, receptions, or even business meetings at the best banquet halls in Nairobi.

Seating Arrangement


Theatre: 120
U-Shape: 40
Class Room:60

Reception: 120


Theatre: 80
U-Shape: 25
Class Room: 40

Reception: 80


Theatre: 35
Class Room: 16
Reception: 35


Theatre: 30
U-Shape: 12
Class Room:16

Reception: 30


Theatre: 30
U-Shape: 12
Class Room: 30

Reception: 30